“Techno Penguin” is the story of Waddles, a penguin who tries to fly. In this computer-animated short, he is trying out his latest contraption, a jetpack. Will it work? Unfortunately for our hero, his latest gadget does not succeed in giving him flight. He must accept the fact that in order to survive, he has to swim, just like the rest of the penguins.

“Techno Penguin” was originally created in 2003, as a recital project in 8th grade at The Nueva School. It has since been updated, and a Special Edition was finished during the summer of 2004. It won a “Grand Festival Award” for Young Producers in the Berkeley Video and Film Festival. It was also nomminated for the Young Directors category in the San Francisco Film Festival, and won awards at the La Mancha Student Film Festival and the California Student Media & Multimedia Festival.