I’ve had a strong passion for animation nearly all my life – since I was five years old. I began my journey by creating crude stop-motion shorts with Lego minifigures and bricks, and over the years I experimented with various styles and stories of increasing complexity. Eventually I made my way to computer animation in 8th grade, when I created a short film “Techno Penguin” using the popular software package Maya.

My passion led me to the Academy of Art University, where I received a BFA in character animation in 2012, and I continued my education by taking workshops at The Animation Collaborative taught by full-time Pixar animators. In 2014 I began working for Encyclopedia Pictura on several music video projects.

The amazing format of animation has always been a fantastic tool to bring my own inventive characters and stories to life. While my studies focused primarily on character animation, my longstanding interest in animation has given me experience in all aspects of the production pipeline.